Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday  !!!

To work in office on Sunday is joyful. Today we (Pradyumna, Anil & Atul) are drafting a new performance appraisal method for MGNREGA Staff. Actually on a holiday we can concentrate more on such type of task. 
Friends, you are also requested to do something creative to celebrate this Sunday. We Request you to motivate remaining  MGNREGA staff to create G-mail id and join the MGNREGA social websites soon.  Sunday is appropriate to do this.
You know that MPSEGC is now active on social websites, so please upload inspiring videos, photos and documents.


One thought on “Happy Sunday

  1. जिस दिन शासन के निर्देशपालन का क्रास-फीडबैक परिषद द्वारा सीधे जनपद एवं ग्रामपंचायत के नरेगा कर्मचारियों से लिया जाएगा उस दिन पंचायत ok होंगी

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